Prediction Zoo

My nine year old daughter wrote out this little story for her homework tonight.

Prediction Zoo

One Day my Mom said “we’re going to the zoo”.

I said “to the zoo! I can’t wait to see the tigers and taste the peanuts.”

My Mom said “We’re not going to that kind of zoo.”

“We’re not?” I said.

“No”, she said. “We’re going to Prediction Zoo. Where you predict what you’re going to see.”

“Cool. Can we bring any money?”


When we got there we went to a cave, I said my name and it went echoing. I saw something in the shape of a bat. Everybody screamed.


Later on we went to the real zoo.

Kind of cool. She doesn’t do it very often, but Pete likes to write stories. Hopefully there will be more soon for me to put online.

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  1. I think that she wanted to write more but got tired of it. I may see if she wants to add to it tomorrow afternoon. I normally post her stories to her website, but since I don’t give the URL out except for family members I figured I would also start posting them here.
    She actually wants me to set her page up as a blog but I am hesitant about that. I normally just add it to the html by hand. Comments attract too many scumbags.

  2. As a fourth grade teacher I can tell you I wish I could get my kids to use converation like that. Did she start a new paragraph each time the speaker changed or did you do that? The prediction zoo…..very imaginative.

  3. I love that! Very creative. I just love kids’ unbridled talent that comes out so naturally like that. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Pete’s in 3rd grade now, since her spelling words are so easy for her, she gets to write stories using them instead of “word pyramids” She’s so awesome!!!

  5. She was very excited about the comments on her story. The one and only time she has ever even gotten to look at my blog. The entire time that Pete write out her reply above she was grinning ear to ear.
    She has been busting my ass lately about turning her website into a blog. I have to handcode everything that I post on it and it would certainly make things easier. I am considering doing just that while on vacation, but password protecting the entire thing so that only her family and maybe a friend or two could actually access it.

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