So What’s the Big Deal About Twitter?

I keep hearing more and more about twitter and am starting to notice it on some of the really big sites. I saw where one guy had it on his sidebar, and also inserted into a post and basically said “hey, now you can know when I’m scratching my ass”.

I have tried it twice and just really dislike it. That should be it for me. My choice whether to use it or not but am I missing something here? Does it do something else besides let me text message it and tell you when I’m going potty, or driving to work? Do you really care. I will be more than happy to put it back if everyone wants to know when I pick my nose or whatever. I could even set up Homeseer (my home automation software) to send an SMS message to it so that you know the second I arrive home.

Apparently I just don’t get it.

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