Teacher Fired Because She is a Witch

I was over at Jimi Morrison’s Head and came across this report of a Central Islip, NY teacher who is claiming she was fired because she is a witch. Obviously this has some connotations of possible discrimination but other than that I think the entire thing is stupid.

As I commented over at his site this is a non-issue for me. I recently had a girl who was about nineteen working for me that I fired last month. She very prominently dressed in Goth clothing, claimed she was a witch, and let everyone know that she was a lesbian. Other than the fact that she was obviously trying to garner as much attention as possible I could care less. The FACTS were that she worked like a slug, was not friendly, and not a single week went by that she didn’t call in at least once.

Her last week she called out four days out of five. She didn’t have to worry about it after that because I gave her plenty of free time to do whatever she felt was necessary for her personal sanity.

What makes the story of Lauren Berrios (the teacher) interesting is that she filed a $2 million federal lawsuit. According to Cnews:

While the school district was not under obligation to explain why Berrios was not granted tenure, its lawyer said Wednesday that Berrios didn’t get along with co-workers, had a condescending attitude and was eventually reported to Child Protective Services after telling tales about imaginary injuries to her son.

Not to make light of it but that is probably the more truthful explanation. I am sure that there is at least a bit of truth on both sides as well as lies, but damn.

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