Last Day…

…thank goodness. It will probably be a quite long one as well. I will be on the grill until at least after lunch, then I have three weeks of schedules to do, some other paperwork to finish, audits and inventories and a butt load of cleaning (particularly my office). I also have to paint all of my booth supports and chair legs.

I thought they were going to tell me to stripe the lot, but for a change we are going to come off with some money and actually pay someone else to do the job. Too bad they aren’t a professional. It’s going to look just as bad as if I did it, but at least I get to sit that one out.

My boss that I have written about is indeed leaving the company, and I will have a new division manager when I get back from vacation. That really sucks. As many problems as I have given him over the years I like him, and the evil I know is better than the one I don’t. And he pretty much leaves me alone to do what I want unless something is just screwed up.

Our company came to him with a contract to sign in order to stay. Basically it said that he would sell all of his rental houses and quit taking safe jobs. Of course he wouldn’t sign it. Smart man. What I do on my time off is none of their business, but they have always asserted themselves in a very intrusive way.