It’s a small world…

I have written a couple of times about how I almost went to jail over a spitball and a Burger King manager. One of my partners in crime has her abode on the web over here. Now if she would just open up her comments to the public…

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  1. Hey! Thanks so much for the invite. We are actually going to be in Columbus visiting Joe that weekend..but send me an email with your stuff because we’ll definitely give a shout out on our way to Talladega…

  2. I’ll do it. Only a few more weeks till the race. I like racing but am not a huge fan or anything. I would give my left nut to be there rather than working though.

  3. Aaaaaaahahahahah!!
    Holy shit!
    I totally remember that nite!!
    I had to talk to the cop and point out that any judge worth his salt would toss that arrest out the window..kinda like the guy at the drive thru that you shot!
    Aaaaaaahahaha!! That was so funny!
    Who was that big, hairy hippie we were with anyways?
    I remember the little blue car and you in the backseat..I just can’t remember his name..
    The BK at P’tree Battle..its still there ya know.

  4. I’m trying to remember but am at a complete loss. Damn.

    Yeah, even though a lot of new stuff is down that way, most of my old haunts are still there. Wonder if Mr Couch is still alive. What was his daughter’s name?

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