A Stern Warning

Hi, for those of you unfamiliar with who I am: My name is Travis and I’m the asshole who runs How To Kill People (dot) Com. Go Ahead, click the link, you’ll like it. Now I’m not here to talk to you about the fact that I love pro-wrestling or that I’m fairly certain that once Britney’s hair grows back and she accepts the fact that coccaine actually is her best friend; she’ll be doing gang bang clown porn. No no no good readers, those things are all foregone conclusions. Nor am I here to pimp out my website, my blog or my comic strip. Though personal advertising is a hobbie.

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I’ll be using this opportunity as a guest blogger – which is an interesting concept – to bring to you a warning.
This world that we live in is a scary place. It is full of uncertainty. We – both as a people and a species – are constantly under the threat of a great enemy that sits just over the horizon. There is an unstoppable force that will, someday, descend upon us in an attempt to snuff out the human race. What is that threat you ask?
Yes, Zombies are possibly the greatest threat that exists to mankind because they know no fear, they have few weaknesses, they never sleep and they hunger for the flesh that covers my oh so precious bones. I’ve grown rather fond of my intact, flesh covered, bones.