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As much as I hate going to Wal-Mart, where the heck else can you go for two new tires, milk, and zantac all in one stop. That’s where I’ve been this afternoon. I’ve been needing tires on the back of the Neon for awhile now anyway as one of them has a slow leak that has been developing into a much faster one. The last time I bought tires I went to Kelly-Springfield, but there isn’t one out near me. RePete and I went and window shopped and I got her a little dish, bowl, and cup set that had the Disney princesses on them. Hey, it’s the little things that make the little ones happy.
After that we decided to go to Sonic for a couple of milkshakes. Not to mention the extra long cheese coney and tater tots. Damn, sometimes you just gotta have a bit of the old junk food. It rocked. She enjoyed going as well. I couldn’t get her to touch the coney, but she did share my tater tots with me. We didn’t do anything particularly special, but sometimes it’s the small things that count for that parent-child time.
You know, I forgot what I was posting here and hit publish. Duh.
Shortly before RePete and I left Sonic, this guy and his family drive up in their Expedition and order drinks. I guess at Sonic you can get your fountain drinks with all kinds of add-ins for a little bit more. After they had paid, the guys beeps them back out and starts raising hell about paying six buxks for something that should have cost four something. The girl explained pretty thoroughly about the add-ins, etc and the guy just kept on raising hell. I was getting embarrassed for the girl (and the guys family) because he was being such a dick. Sometimes it just does not pay to be in customer service.

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  1. Driving the Expedition pretty much explains the guys attitude. It used to be d*ckheads in overpriced sports cars (and Saabs) that were @ssh*les. Now it’s guys in overpriced station wagons that figure they *own* everything because of the tax they paid.

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