More About the Chocolate Jesus

Some of you will remember my post last week about the Chocolate Jesus:

I spent a couple of hours at the hated Wally World this afternoon getting various foodstuffs for the weekend. I need to run to the liquor store in Carrollton tomorrow or Friday for beer and perhaps a few other sundries. I also need to get another load of mulch, but I am pretty much finished other than that.

Whilst I was wandering the aisles of the wondrous warehouse attempting to avoid large asses with cartloads of screaming curtain climbers and rug rats I came across the EASTER CANDY AISLE. Of course I had to get some Ferrero Rocher chocolates. While perusing I ran across nothing other than a chocolate cross, in white and milk chocolates of course. I never could find the chocolate Jesus to go with it. I am assuming that they sold out and that’s why there was still such a glut of Easter Bunnies there.

Maybe come the holiday season at the end of the year I can pick up a chocolate nativity scene. With all the folks that are usually in the Nativity, I could spend a week or two eating the little buggers.

I particularly enjoyed Mr Fabulous’ comment in my entry:

It would have been cool if they had a chocolate Jesus. Then all you would need is some peppermint nails…

No doubt. What I was not aware of at the time is what a damn fuss was just starting to go on about another Chocolate Jesus as reported by the Zero Boss as well as a shitload of other bloggers and news sites. Damn, I wish I had thought about this one first. I would melt down the Easter Bunny in a heartbeat to mold my own savory savior. I was back over at The Zero Boss this morning looking at the Sugar Rush and came across this site called the Chocolate Deities comments/z7shysterical.gif Oh my. A veritable godly amount of theobromine just for me.