First Day Back…

…and it didn’t go too badly. I always hate going back to work after a nice vacation and this one was no different particularly after having been off for ten days. Everyone was excited that I was back in my store, probably more so than myself. My boss had everything up to date as far as the paperwork. I have worked for her before and I should know by now that she would have it complete, but you never know. I have worked for some complete asshats in my time there and always expect the worse.

I did get to meet the new division manager today and my visit went very well. I am still not quite sure why everyone hates him so much. I think that the biggest part of it is that most of the management team in my area has never worked for anyone but the guy who quit/got fired so they don’t know what to make of him. I on the other hand expect change. I have worked for forty or fifty different people over the last twenty years and the only thing that stays the same in the restaurant business is constant change. Sometimes it only happens once or twice a year, but sometimes there are several changes all at once. Either way, he seemed OK. I have to go to the Thursday afternoon meeting with him tomorrow, so once that is over my tune might change.

Amazingly enough I managed to get out the door by 2:30 which is pretty much unheard of for me coming back in after so much time off. I am extremely happy about that. Once I am finished posting this I think I will lie my happy ass down and take a nap until the Wife and Kids gets home.

By the way, since I have been crapped on about it, which theme do you guys prefer? This one or the last one? Or does it matter. I have pretty much decided that rather than using one of the pre-made themes that I have been using I am going to make my own custom theme but it would be cool to know what you all like. As if it matters. Oh, I mean it matters a bunch. That’s my story and I am sticking to it.

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  1. LOL! Use whatever theme ya like as long as it’s not too mamby-pamby, and doesn’t take 20 minutes to load!

    Don’t ask me what mamby-pamby is `cuz i haven’t a clue. I do like clean and crisp though.

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