I’m Up…Barely

Somehow I have managed to drag myself up and out of bed this morning. The alarm went off about 40 minutes ago so I started coffee and lay back down on the couch until it finished. I just woke back up again. Luckily I set my alarm on the cell phone to wake me up or I would still be snoozing away. I hate going back in having no sleep like that. It makes for a very crappy first day back. I will have to make sure and take a short nap this afternoon when i get home.

Even as a teenager my sleeping habits sucked. Although I would have an occasional day where I would sleep until very late in the day I was normally the first out of bed among my friends. Once I get to sleep I am OK, but if I am awakened for any reason I have the hardest time getting back to sleep for an hour or two, occasionally even longer.

If it weren’t for the fact that I have to go in a little early today I probably could sleep longer for a change. I can barely keep my eyes open this morning, which is one of the reasons I am working on this as an exercise to wake my mind up. Something along those lines anyway.

I haven’t looked outside yet to see if it is still raining or not. It was storming pretty heavily when I was up earlier, but it sounds as if most of it has moved on past. Just checked the weather and we are supposed to have rain (duh) and turn into just a partly cloudy day later. That works for me. It means it won’t be too hot. My plants all need the rain anyway. The flowers and other things are starting to look really nice and this will only help.