Hate Filled Day…

…not really, but I just realized that I had managed to post three out of the last four entries that could be construed as being offensive to Christians, Gays, and Turks.

Vewwwy intewesting…

Actually most of the I did yesterday before I even left for work because I knew today was going to be a long day. I wonder what was up with me yesterday.

For my next trick I am going to try and piss off Republicans, Buddhists, and Democritters…

That should really improve my reader demographics…or at least my hate mail.

5 throughts on "Hate Filled Day…"

  1. You’re a moron and imbecile. You really should town down your hate speech against conservatives.

  2. The big difference between myself and you is the fact that I actually read the bills and their amendments in order to try and understand them before sending my opinion to my representatives rather than just blindly following the party line which is unfortunately what it appears that my two elected senators (who I voted for by the way) did.
    If more of our senators and representatives would actually take the time to read the bills they push down our throats we would spend less money, have less bullshit laws and the government would really be smaller, which is what being a conservative is all about.
    Then again, if you consider Bushitler and the rest of his buds to be conservatives (which they are not) then yeah, you can call it hate speech.
    Obviously you couldn’t be bothered to read the actual post or anything else here at the site or you would realize that I am a conservative., which pretty much makes you the fucking moron.
    Oh by the way, I think the word you were looking for is TONE, not TOWN.

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