Vacations in…


One of the things that I really enjoy doing when I am writing some of my reviews are the posts about vacations in different places, particularly in foreign countries that I have not been able to visit. I was checking out tonight because you know, that’s what I do 🙂 and I came across a listing for Discount Perugia Hotels.

Where is Perugia you say? It is the capital city in the region of Umbria which is in central Italy right near the Tiber river (or so Wiki tells me). Hey, and they have a chocolate festival in October. Italy and Germany in October. Sweet. Chocolate and Beer, two of my favorite food groups.

Anyway, they only have one listing for a five star hotel in Perugia but there are several four stars available such as the Castello Dell’Oscano Hotel Cenerente, which is probably more in my price range.

Check out this postcard from Perugia.


Looks like a really nice place to visit actually.


That one is the Fontana Maggiore which is at the center of Piazza IV Novembre. I was built as a monument to celebrate the success of the completion of the aqueduct which carried water into the main square back in 1277. Pretty darned cool hydraulic system seeing as how it was designed 730 years ago.