I Am Taking The Promotion…

…but I still don’t have a time line. I spoke with my Vice President this morning at length, and while the conversation sounded pretty positive you can never tell what’s going to happen with them. It certainly wouldn’t be the first time someone with my company has lied to me.

Later on in the day one of the guys in Alabama that might have also taken over the district called me up for a reference and to congratulate me. I guess that my VP had also visited him today and told him that had I not been wanting the district they might have pulled him back over here, but they were putting me in it instead. Good damn deal. That’s at least a $20k raise, possibly more once I have been there a few months.

They still have to fill my position and there are a couple of possibilities there, so it might be two days or two months, although they aren’t going to leave it open too long, and thanks to some changes that my company made this past year the only way that they could feasibly fill the spot and NOT promote me would be with a transfer, a lateral move putting someone from a different area into the spot. Since I hold the senior position on their promotion list (I’ve turned down four districts so far in the last year) they HAVE to offer it to me first.

It does mean that at least right away, posting may be a bit lighter, but for me light posting means one paid post and three or four normal ones anyway 🙂

I will probably take some time to write on my days off next week and save some of them as drafts for a few of those 20 hour days when all I want to do when i get home is to pass out.

I will end up with the three stores in the Villa Rica area, including the one where they arrested that dude for filming people in the bathrooms. I guess I need to leave my cameras at home.