Getting Up at 2am Sucks…

…but I managed to get out of bed nevertheless. Now if I can just wake up a bit I will be alright. Coffee. check. smokes. check.

I awoke to several text messages this morning, for a minute I thought that maybe work had called and I missed it. Three of them were from youtube sending confirmation for videos I had uploaded from my phone. Crap, that was three weeks ago. They must have a serious backlog of video processing or something. When I check out my account though, nothing shows up. That’s pretty damned irritating.

The last one was from my cook that has the pending sexual harassment claims against him. He has decided to resign. Although that is a major pain in the ass right before race weekend it is for the best. They will still do the investigation though because if it is decided that he was doing that stuff, they will put him on a company-wide discretionary hire list. That doesn’t mean that someone couldn’t hire him, but his paycheck would tap the division manager directly if someone put him to work. It’s a quick retardant to keep people from working that shouldn’t be.