Done Deal

Tuesday is my last day in my current store. Six months there. I am taking Wednesday off and picking up three stores in my general area on Thursday. It should be interesting. Out of the three managers that I will be getting, one has already given his notice and Tuesday is his last day, one of the other two is very shaky and in need of a lot of direction and tutelage and the other knows what he is going and will be the only thing keeping me from pulling out all of my hair.

The meeting didn’t last quite as long as I thought it would so I did manage to get home for awhile. The wife is napping and I have to be back at work around sevenish so I thought I would relax for awhile and post a couple of things.

My current boss is f’ing pissed off. Not necessarily at me, but they may be leaving her without a manager as well, so she is fit to be tied. It should be a fun four days with her before I check out of the store.