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It is officially race weekend. I talked a bit about it last night and unless you are a serious race fan or live in an area effected but the race it’s hard to understand. People that live near the Atlanta raceway or any other track around the country understand and avoid having to get out and drive unless absolutely necessary. Something like 140,000 people will attend the race on Sunday and a large portion of them have been traveling from around the country all week in their motor homes and campers and setting up shop at the International Speedway.

The traffic on I-20 past my town (and my restaurant) is almost unbearable, and starting this morning they will all be stopping for gas, a break, and food. Of course we have saturated almost every exit between Atlanta and the state line now but at one point up until about ten years ago, we were the only game in town. Where there are now ten restaurants there used to be three and ten years ago you really KNEW it was race weekend. It was actually busier than Christmas week, which has traditionally been our busiest time of the year as a company.

I like being busy, but honestly they can keep this shit. It’s too hard to double your staff just for a three day period. It’s certainly not worth it to me or to any potential employees just to waste my time and money training them for a couple of days. I get paid off of employee retention, so I am only going to hire people that I am relatively sure that I am going to keep for quite some time.

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  1. We all know it’s race time when we can’t get the men out from in front of the TV to absolutely anything on the weekends. *sigh* My sister and I take our kids out a lot alone lately.

  2. Until this fall that’s the way it is and by then it’s football season. I just end up working through the whole darn thing.

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