Surfing Contest…

This Post is Sponsored by Adventure11.

…but this one is for surfing websites. Adventure11 is an Internet surfing game that allows you to win prizes for surfing websites. If you are one of those folks that surfs the Internet aimlessly looking for good content do so with a purpose and take home a bit of cash as well. Might as well make a bit of money for doing something you would already be doing for free, and get excited about it.

As a free member up to $1000 a week can be earned just surfing the Internet. Basically you win cash by finding “surfing surprises”. You sign up for Adventure11, activate your account, and from the members area click on the “Go Surfing” link. The system automatically takes you to eleven different websites and during that time a Surfing Surprise might appear. If it does you click a link and see if you have won anything. Pretty simple, no?

Any payments are made within 49 hours and as with most contests taxes are your own responsibility. Once you have activated your account you are eligible to start winning the next day, you can only surf 30 websites a day, and you can only have one account per person with Adventure11. You can check out all of the legal disclaimers and whatnot at the link.