Already Started…


I agreed to get staffing and daily numbers from my new district this past Thursday afternoon to take some of the pressure off of my fairly new division manager. Everything has been pretty much OK through the weekend, at least up until this evening.

I was fine at my store, and two of my new managers called me with their sales and staffing. I still haven’t heard from the other manager yet. From what I was told at nine ‘o clock shift change they were short a waitress and nobody was there cooking. The waitress I spoke with said that if the cook had not showed up ten they were supposed to call me.

What the fuck?

I’m not even the district until Thursday. Christ, I have to be at my store in the morning to cook the day shift.

Apparently the cook works another job and isn’t scheduled until ten but I just found this out. The problem is that nobody else is that the dumbass schedules his second shift cook to leave at nine, and THEY LEAVE. I finally arranged for somebody to go in if this guy didn’t show up, but he did, and then the waitress calls me and lets me know that both waitresses are scheduled to get off at 2AM and they are leaving as scheduled. Doh! Got that one covered to, but this dude that can’t be bothered to call and get his sales and staffing at nine PM? That shit’s going to get fixed first thing tomorrow.