I Have Some Real Winners…

…working for me.

Yesterday was not quite as long as Thursday, but just as hard. I started out at my store that has no manager, got the paperwork done, had to cover a couple of waitresses, and got my food pull and banking done at which time I went down to the store that does have a manager. He was off Thursday and Friday, so I was running that one as well. The guy that they have had working as relief manager ended up calling a cook in and sat on his ass all day. The stores are still pretty nasty but I may be making a bit of headway there.

2PM and back to the 1st store. Got them going and got a bit of cleaning finished and headed back down to the 2nd store so that I could give them a bit of direction.

I managed to come home and nap for a couple of hours and headed back out around eight or eight thirty to do shift change. I spent an hour or so at the top of the hill (the store without a manager) and then went to the bottom and took care of getting them staffed and set up with a fresh drawer. I managed to get home last night about 10:45 and got to sleep about 11:30.

1AM and my phone rings. It’s the retards working the graveyard shift at the top of the hill and they have done something to the register and it won’t do anything. We cover the emergency releases on the cash registers so that they can’t get in it except to make transactions, which means that after about 25 minutes of trying to walk them through getting it to work, I head back in to work.

One of them had left their ink pen in the drawer and the little thumb clicker thing on the end had become jammed so that the drawer wouldn’t open. If the drawer is jammed it won’t let you ring anything else up. Luckily the last thing I had grabbed before leaving the house was a big flathead screwdriver. No reason, I just thought I might need it to pop the plate off of the release cover. I was able to use it to get the drawer un-jammed. I went ahead and did a mid-shift drawer change just to make sure none of them were padding the drawer, and left. I managed to get home and back to sleep about 3 AM and got back up at 6.

Once I got the two stores staffed that had three people call in this morning I came back home. I’ll sleep a couple more hours and head BACK in to work about noon or one. Since I will be getting a new manager for the top of the hill, there is a pretty big checklist that I have to have done before Tuesday. Cleaning, supplies, etc. All of these stores are shitholes. Possibly the nastiest fucking places I have worked at in twenty years. I have to have one of them clean by Tuesday. Needless to say I am pretty much fucked for the rest of the weekend but at least I will get a manager out of the deal. She checks into the store on Tuesday, then has Wednesday, Thursday and Friday off. That is bullshit. One of my other managers is off Monday and Tuesday and the other is off Friday and Saturday so I have to get them covered as well. I am going to try and take next Sunday and Monday off if my boss will let me.

Enough bitching I am going back to bed.

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  1. TGIF

    4:30am It is for me anyhow. Another pretty long week, but this one has not been as bad as the last couple. I may end up having a long day, but I should be at home by 11pm or so….

  2. I’ve said it before, and I’m sayin’ it again…be cool when posting about work…you never know.

  3. Yeah, it was one thing a few years ago, but as I get more traffic I suppose I should shut my mouth a bit more, at least about the details.

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