Quibblo: Reviewing a Poll Site

This review has been sponsored by Quibblo.

Before I sat down to review Quibblo I decided to take the site for a little test drive to see what they were all about. Quibblo is a fairly new site that lets you set up polls, surveys and quizzes and publish them to your MySpace or Facebook page (or any other web page for that matter). I’ve used a couple of survey sites here before so I figured I would check it out and see how it does.

Sign up is certainly a snap. You enter your info as well as some captcha text, which I got on the second try. I hate captchas but sometimes they are necessary. I may even be re-implementing them here again pretty soon as I am getting tired of the comment spam. Anyway, after that they send you a confirmation email where you click the link. Pretty standard stuff. After that you have to enter your real name, birth date, and where you live.

Before creating a quiz I figured I would take a look around. You can find existing quizzes by searching, getting a random pick, browsing all of them, or by tag. They have a little tag cloud with the popular keywords on the main page. They also list the most popular quizzes there as well. Here’s a pic of the main page.


OK, time to create a quiz. Actually after looking through the popular quizzes I decided to snag one of the existing ones. There are options to publish these to your site as well. They have code that includes Javascript, plain old html (for non-myspace), HTML for MySpace sites, and just the link. And since it fits in quite well with my site and the posts I have been putting up over at Eric’s site while he is overseas, I decided to use “Am I going to Hell?

The site also lets you customize the style, so if that is working it should fit right into the theme of my site. I didn’t bother looking up the exact color codes from my style sheet, so they may be off slightly. Over all I like the site so far. The quizzes are certainly much more customizable than previous ones that I have used where I hoped that the widgets would fit into my site design. Most likely I will be using Quibblo.com again.