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I used to hang out in Chatrooms a lot on AOL back when it was the cool thing to do, and on IRC quite a bit. I have pretty much moved away from that because I am usually so busy that when I am at home I try to stay productive on my sites. If I could take a decent app with me then I might use it more often.

In steps Moco, a mobile chatroom which you can use on your phone. You can access MocoSpace on your mobile phone’s web browser by going to Here is a screenshot.


It’s a pretty cool little app which requires no installations and can be used wherever you go. My browser is somewhat limited since Verizon lags behind the rest of the world in web access, but I did connect to it on my iPaq. I can use it here or in the yard on my wifi connection, or away from the house using bluetooth to dial up through my phone. I enjoyed using it and the response time was also pretty quick for me, which was nice because occasionally my iPaq-Phone combination can be quite laggy..