Much Too Early Weekend Open Track-Back

This is my Open Track-Back Post for the weekend of 5/12-5/13

I darn sure didn’t want to get up at 4:30 this moring. The Boy has to be at the recruiting station in 45 minutes so I guess I need to get myself moving and get ready for work. Just wanted to put up a quick post before I go to work. This is my last day of work for this week and I actually managed to get two days off.

20 throughts on "Much Too Early Weekend Open Track-Back"

  1. Church Sign Angers Muslims In Spring Hope

    Of course, how else do the Muslims respond to every slight?
    Spring Hope — Words like "bomb" and "die" draw attention to the small sign in front of Good News Independent Baptist Church.
    Rev. Gary Murrell put up the sign, which on …

  2. Extremism Has No Place In Islam

    So says the head of the mosque where the Fort Dix six often prayed. We need to hear more Muslim leaders along these lines than from the CAIR types that will deny that there’s a problem at all, or otherwise lay blame for the extremists in their commun…

  3. Farmers Branch illegal immigrant supporters will let Voters decide….um…(unless they lose).

    FARMERS BRANCH, Tex. — On Saturday, voters in this Dallas suburb will decide whether to keep a local ordinance designed to do what city leaders believe the federal government has forsaken: control the number of illegal immigrants.
    It will be the …

  4. PHX Adds Foot Washing Basins

    Hat tip, Dhimmi Watch. Why not? Isn’t that the duty of an airport, to look after the religious needs of Muslims? This nonsense is also going on in Kansas City.Sky Harbor International Airport in Phoenix has installed a cleanup station

  5. Why The MSM doesn’t Report Black on White Murders

    Blacks attacking whites happens so much, perhaps it’s better for the public not to know how often it does happen.

  6. Conservative Podcast: Mormonism and American Polit

    Tonight on the Truth Hope Report:
    -On Mormon Candidates
    -The Grassroots Go to War
    -The Unpopular Congress
    -Democratic Spending Priorities
    -Al Qaeda’s Plan for Iraq
    -Billboard Controversies
    -Subverting the democratic process to grow th…

  7. My Little Silke Pony: College For All Poor, Now That I Have Their Money

    John Edwards wants to redistribute more of your money (News and Observer)
    Democratic Presidential candidate John Edwards today called for an $8 billion effort to make a college education more affordable and accessible for students who are wiling to wo…

  8. Texas Town Says No Más to ILLEGALS

    ILLEGALS are parasites who sponge off this country. They use resources that they are not entitled to and that they do not pay for. Health care is just one item that is overburdened by the ILLEGAL population. Couple this with the burden on schools wh…

  9. Integrated Technical Warfare, Book Review

    Integrated Technical Warfare, by R.J. Godlewski, is the Right Truth Book Club selection for May. R.J. Godlewski is the founding director of the emerging International Nuclear Emergency Response Team (INERT) and the past director of the Civilian Counter…

  10. Spotlight on: Defining Spiritual Presence

    Since it is Monday, it is the perfect time to spotlight Defining Spiritual Presence, “[t]hat certain charisma that’s rooted in living out loud in the moment…or that growing sense that you might be leafing out in sunshine.”
    We like to think of ou…

  11. Gas Prices Hit a New Record at the Pump

    Boy did they!  Just saw $3.59 by Chicago!
    Trackposted to Outside the Beltway, Perri Nelson’s Website, Right Truth, Shadowscope, DragonLady’s World, Stuck On Stupid, Leaning Straight Up, The Amboy Times, Pursuing Holiness, The Magical Rose …

  12. Carry a concealed weapon? That’s just crazy talk….apparently

    This is a clear assault not only on free speech but on the second amendment.
    Be afraid.  Be outraged.  Apparently wanting to carry a weapon is not only politically incorrect, but enough to get you suspended from College.  And you ca…

  13. Is Katie Couric Bad for CBS Evening News?

    Laura Ingraham’s Lie of the Day is a quote about Katie Couric. “If the [CBS Evening News] continues to be as good as it has been … people will start to watch. It takes time,” said Linda Mason, CBS News…

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