I need to remind myself…

…to stay out of my old restaurant for awhile.

I hired a new girls for one of my stores, but rather than training her there I sent her to MY old store in Temple. I am trying to replace some of the shit that I have working and my the girls that are doing the training in my old store will insure that she gets trained properly.

I stopped in for a visit this morning after I had blood drawn and I thought that two of them were going to kick my ass before I left. Either that or tie me down before I could get out the door…although that might not be such a bad thing.

Anyway, apparently they don’t particularly like the new manager, but I knew that would be the case when I heard who it was going to be. Sometimes being a good manager and being a person that everyone wants to work for are not mutually inclusive. This guy will run great numbers. Better numbers than I ever have in that store, but he will also lose a lot of people, and his standards for everything are a lot different than mine.

They can’t all be as good as me I suppose 🙂