The Unlucky Troll

Another story by an unnamed nine-year-old girl that lives here 🙂

Once there was an unlucky troll. He had a hard time communicating with others. He had a lot of stress bottled up. He had to rewrite all of the stories that he wrote, because they were burned in a fire. He had some friendship rings for all the friends he made but he lost them all. Every time he tied his shoes they came untied. One day, he lost his voice so he had to communicate by using hand signs. He never started smiling until one day one lady troll walked by and she was unlucky too. She wanted a friend so they went to play. Everybody laughed at them and thought they were ugly except for one person, the loneliest person ever, he doesn’t even have a house of belongings. So the unlucky troll and the pretty troll gave half of their stuff away in a garage sale to earn some money to buy the lonely troll some things. They ended up with so much more all of them bought a house and millions more belongings.

If you can’t tell, we have been watching Shrek lately (the four-year-old has to watch everything 42 times).

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  1. Same here. Her handwriting is no better than mine ever was, so she spent forever typing it up last night so that she could turn it in for her vocabulary homework.

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