Holy Mullet of God!

I was visiting Zonker’s site reading the interview questions that he finally posted and something that I have been meaning to post about struck me right in the forehead.

The wife and I took the girls to the local state park last week so that we could walk around the lake while they rode their scooters. Toward the end of the afternoon the wife let Pete go for a swim and I took RePete to the playground. I saw the most amazing site while we were there. The whole park was pretty crowded as was the playground, but one particular family stood out. Dad was dressed in jeans and black boots, a flannel shirt with the sleeves cut off, big bushy sideburns, tattoos all over his arms, keys hanging on a big ring off of his belt, and a big old fucking mullet from 1985. Mom looked just like he did, minus the sideburns. Then their two daughters came over. There were dressed in slightly more girlie clothing but they had the same goddamn mullets that mom and dad did. It was the whole trailer park mullet bunch. Truly amazing. Don’t believe me? Check out this lousy shot I managed to get when mullet man wasn’t looking. This is mullet mom. Mullet dad is over to the right.


Now don’t get me wrong. I wear black boots and have a couple of tattoos myself so I have nothing against them, Nor do I even particularly dislike trailers or the people who live in them. I’ve done so myself on more than one occasion. It is just so surreal and has managed to stick in my head for a week now so I had to post it.

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  1. That’s because you haven’t seen the latest Manboobs Monday post yet.

    Time to hit the sack. It’s been 20 hours too long since I was last sleeping.

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