The Far East?

Some other places that I would really like to go since I am blogging about expensive places is the Far East. Japan, Malaysia, Bangkok for instance. Yeah, I know this may be getting old but I have had a pretty cool time posting pictures and reading about some of the countries that I will end up visiting sooner or later.

When I used to commute 75 miles each day to work I listened to a lot of Talk Radio. One of the shows I would listen to on the way home in the afternoon was the Clark Howard show. Each year he takes his staff on a really cool vacation and one year they took flights to Japan. I was really jealous. I darn sure don’t see my boss taking me to Japan any time soon.

This is a picture of Mt. Fuji, the highest point in Japan, with Sakura and the Bullet Train in the front.


Since I was already starting down the road I figured I would do some reading on the other places as well and price flights to Malaysia. Malaysia is a confederation of thirteen states located in Southeast Asia. It’s a pretty diverse place and actually takes up two geographic regions. Malaysia gained independence from the UK in 1957.


This is A Famosa, which was built by the Portuguese in the 1500’s.

This next one is the Ubudiah Mosque.


The last “window shopping” I did was to price flights to Bangkok, although in the past I generally took the train on more than one occasion if you know what I mean. I haven’t done that in quite some time though.

Bangkok is the Capitol of Thailand, right near the Gulf of Thailand. It’s also the 22nd most populous city in the world right now.

This is pretty cool. It is the Vimanmek Royal Mansion, which is the world’s largest building made of teak wood.


Anyway, that is probably all of the virtual sightseeing I will do tonight, although you never know.

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