I managed to get out of the stores at around 2:30 this afternoon, but I feel like I have been working all day. When I got home I hung out with the girls for awhile, then had to do a few reviews over at TheAppDotNet that took me a little while to get finished thoroughly.

I spent the better part of this evening writing up a statement for an ongoing legal investigation. I was interviewed back in January and wrote a statement then, but apparently all of the paperwork went missing, so I had to do it all over again tonight. I still don’t know what the status is on that. I am somewhat pissed off about it though.

For work I ended up spending quite a bit of time on the phone getting stores covered and calming people down. I have been putting out a lot of fires the last couple of weeks and just don’t know if I am making an impact yet or not. Perhaps it’s just too early to tell right now.

I haven’t posted a heck of a lot today, at least here but I may get a chance to get the heck out of the stores tomorrow early enough to get some posting done.