The Laptop

With the Boy leaving for boot camp in a few weeks, the wife has laid claim on his laptop while he is away. That was quick. I guess I shouldn’t complain as I am going to temporarily snag his 19″ LCD. I say temporarily because he worked very hard for it a couple of years ago and bought it with the proceeds of a summer’s work.

Anyway, I will have to get to the laptop at least once or twice. I have some software to install, including a tracking package, and I also want to pop some extra Dell Memory in as well.

4 throughts on "The Laptop"

  1. We have a laptop in the office usually used by a co-worker who happens to be on vacation this week. I spoke with the boss and he lets me use it at home this week.
    I really need a laptop for blogging!

  2. Sweet. When I worked at our corporate office doing tech support I brought ours home on the weekends, but it was so slow that I finally installed the vpn client and stuff on my desktop.

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