Five More Days…

Five more days, five more days. Just keep saying it like you mean it. I don’t need to bitch about it too much, I am the one who made out the schedules for my managers but I needed to make sure that they got their days off and that I was able to take next Sunday off. The only was I could do that was to work twelve days but I am seriously regretting it right now.

One of my managers is having issues with being able to perform his job to the point where all of of money is suffering. In a job like ours if you are losing money (profits) in one area and can’t (or refuse to) fix it, then we make it up in other areas. Thus he and I will be working doubles and cutting some hours for a couple of his cooks which means I am working a double on Friday. That’s gonna suck but it has to be done.

One of my biggest bonuses is for hitting a profit target. Unfortunately I won’t and it is all on this guys store. That’s close to a thousand dollars I won’t be seeing on my check three and a half weeks from now and I am not particularly happy about it. What gets me is the people that steadily complain about the money they are making but can’t take the time to get off their asses and actually make it. Once I have explained several times in detail exactly why and how to make the bonus and just get ignored and get asked what the problem is again and again I start to lose patience. I guess I am going to have to practice that over and over until I get it right.