Hawaiian Vacations…

I’ve been writing a lot about vacations lately and posting pictures of some neat places as well as the exotic. I have some vacation time coming up in July and am very much looking forward to it. It probably won’t be this year, but with my son leaving for boot camp and my daughter starting school this fall, I will be able to come up with some extra money over the next twelve months and would like to fly to Hawaii for my vacation. Just the wife and I. The hard part will be in finding someplace for the girls to stay for a week.

One of the things I would like to do is to stay away from the big hotel chains and rent a kihei maui condo or villa. Hotels are nice, most of the time, but just don’t provide the niceties and privacy that I would prefer. Check out some of these pics from around the Kauai vacation rentals.


Some of the areas in Hawaii are just plain beautiful and exotic. I generally only get a week of vacation, but I also get one ten day vacation each year and would love to spend it on a Hawaiian vacation.


One of the really cool things is that the EPA has really been making an effort to help clean up Hawaii. With the amount of people from the mainland U.S. as well as the rest of the world that come to visit Hawaii each year, the help is much needed and appreciated.