I figured out why I was getting deleted files when I downloaded them through bulletproof ftp. There’s a box in the advanced settings that I swear I have never seen before. “Delete files after successful download”. Maybe it’s just that the config location was moved. I’ve been using bpftp since win95 and have NEVER seen it before.

Now that I have figured that one out I am currently uploading all the files it has deleted 🙂

I have also upgraded to MT 4.0 Beta, so be prepared for the entire site to be hosed for awhile.

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  1. i really like your site. I really hate creeps too. regarding the susan baker horror. one of her friends on my space…his face and his comments reminded me of my childhood that was not. jim i think. the countenance on his face witnesseth against him. ewwww…i pray for the safety of any child in that web of freaks. I think what you do is most admirable. Thank You on behalf of the children that are the living dead. For the children that never will trust anyone. For the children that are in cedar chests with baking soda in the dark. To read Sues’ my space one would think her to be decent what with the blessed comments and all the flowers and the angels. What a Crock she is. A real work of art. I wonder where her stepson is…He would be about 30 now. What a sad and pathetic world this is. Thanks for shining a light into the darkness. Shadowscope is currently my favorite page. btw my own brothers do not believe me when i tell them about how trashy their uncles were. Most folks resent light. bye

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