Well Hung…

I spent the day in my most experienced manager’s store today and will be there tomorrow. The big problem that I have there is that I have been hung just about every shift that I have been in that store for the last six weeks. I trained the guy two years ago, but unfortunately a lot of the bad habits from his previous boss have rubbed off on him and he seems scared to get rid of the pieces of crap that are currently working for him. Unfortunately part of our money is paid from retention of associates and even though quite a few of these people are hurting his sales and profits, he would rather keep his little $120 bonus and be staffed.

Fuck that shit. Two of his five waitresses didn’t bother to show up or call this morning although he apparently knew at least one of them wouldn’t be there and did nothing to fix it. I have replaced their asses tomorrow and hired two more for his store. I dislike taking control of the schedules, if someone did it to me as a manager I would be extremely pissed off, but I am so over this crap at his store. I spend 80% of my time there trying to get covered when I should be cleaning or training people.

One of his evening shift waitresses called in and then about an hour ago his night shift cook called in. I’ve replaced his ass for the rest of the week (three more days). I hope he enjoys his vacation.