Damn, I’m tuckered out. Worked about 12 hours today, came home, ate dinner, then cut about half the lawn. We are trying to get the house cleaned up a bit for the party and with it being so dry I haven’t cut the grass in a month or so. It needed it, or at least the weeds did anyway.

One thing about this new job is that I am on the damn phone constantly. A couple of months ago we went a little bit over our minutes so I bumped them up to 2100. That seems like a lot, but there are three of us on the family plan, and mine doubles as the home phone. I figured that with paying out so much in cell costs it was a waste of money to have a land-line. This past month I apparently went almost a thousand minutes over that 2100. Hell, I used all 2100 myself. I carry my charger with me in my car I am on it so much now.

When I get home I average about 15-20 calls a night, even from the stores where the managers are on duty. What the fuck is up with that? My question most of the time is “what did so-and-so say when you asked them?” That usually ends the conversation then and there, but some of them are pretty persistent, particularly considering that one of them is a fuck up and doesn’t answer his own phone most of the time when they call, especially if it’s after 9PM.

I keep telling myself it will get easier, and I know it is just a matter of time, but I am growing very impatient.