Movie Collector’s Haven

I found a site to add to my media center links. The movie collector site is pretty cool. It’s called Movie Gatherer and the site is designed for movie collectors and movie lovers. There are useful links and information on hot to store and keep them as well as news about collector’s editions of quite a few movies. There are some pretty useful gadgets on there such as this revolving CD rack that holds 100 CD/DVDs. There is also a bit of information about barcode scanners. Barcode scanners are particularly useful because there are a couple of programs that will read the barcodes and pull the movie information off the net. You can usually find fairly cheap barcode scanners online as well.

The program that I use does just this. It pulls in the movie information from the Internet and then adds it to a database that I can use with my media center front end, including the posters and art work, which is very cool using one of the ten foot interfaces.