Aquamarine Jewelry

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I don’t do a whole lot of jewelry and my wife doesn’t wear a whole lot more. I do know what I like though. Silver, Gold, Aquamarine, and Garnets. I used to wear my father’s Marine Corp Rifle Sharpshooter badge on a silver chain for years and years, but it disappeared quite some time ago. I also have a couple of silver Mickey Mouse earrings and a gold Mickey watch that plays the theme to the Mickey Mouse Club that I wear but that is pretty much it. I have a couple of Aquamarine Rings that I wear on occasion as well as some others that I don’t wear as often though.

The wife just doesn’t wear much jewelry at all unless we are going out for a special occasion. She has her wedding band (mine doesn’t fit my fat little fingers any more) as well as her engagement ring, and maybe earrings, but that is about it. My Solitaire does have some pretty cool Aquamarine Earrings that I was looking at though. I don’t know if I could get her to wear them or not. She would look great in Aquamarine Jewelry but that’s more a matter of taste than anything else.

These Aquamarine Earrings are pretty cool. The run about $365 so are definitely something for a special occasion.


I really like these Aquamarine Pendants that I found. This one in particular has a Peridot, Mandarin Garnet, Aquamarine, Tanzanite, & Pink Tourmaline set in 14K gold and runs around $220. Much more in line with my budget and the way the stones all look together is just very cool.


I’m certainly no expert at picking out or buying jewelry, but you could do a lot worse. That’s why I always go to the experts that know what they are talking about when I am buying jewelry.