Time for a Little Nappy Nap…

Still haven’t heard from the Boy yet but the Wife spoke with his recruiter today, who told her that sometimes it is a pretty large group and they just run out of time to call parents at the beginning but that he should have time to call later this week. I don’t even know what company he’s in to get some idea about graduation yet. As soon as I get his mailing address we will be able to write as well. I know the girls miss him terribly, as do I. He is there though, that much we got out of the recruiter but that was about it. Hopefully all is well with him. Thanks to those that have called or sent their best wishes for his success.

That going to bed at three crap coupled with getting back up at five has kicked my ass. I have to be back at work tonight at eightish so unless I just get a bunch of high paying stuff to do it’s NAP TIME!

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  1. Hey, by the way, really enjoyed myself at the party! Just happy as punch that I was not “last guest”……

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