Another Too Short Night…

I don’t know how I do it sometimes. I had to handle shift change at one of the restaurants last night (I never did get that nap yesterday) so I got home around ten or so. I ended up going to bed after eleven last night but still managed to get up by a quarter to five. I’ve got a manager starting her ten day vacation today and another one that is off for the next two days, so it’s bound to be quite a long day.

Only a couple more weeks until I get a vacation and I am looking forward to it. I start on July 5th and that will be cool in itself because all of my managers will be in that day with it being a holiday so I might actually get to watch fireworks this year.

Anyway, the idea of some kind of Atlanta meet was being bandied around late this month or early next, which would be really cool. I know that Sandy will be in town during that time, actually I think she is probably in the air now, so perhaps something along the lines of a get-together is in order.