Day From Hell…

Damn, it’s only 9:50 and this has been one shitty day. I’m sitting back at home right now, at least for the next hour.

The car acted like it didn’t want to start this morning, but it caught and turned over so I went ahead on into one of my stores. I still have a manager on vacation and another one is off today. For the most part everyone showed up at those two stores today but at my third one nobody but the manager showed up. It took me awhile but I finally got him covered. We are having that multi-unit manager meeting/cookout today so I was planning on visiting each store for about 30-40 minutes then head home to get some shorts on. When I went to crank my car at the first one it wouldn’t start. I am damn sure not a mechanic so I assumed it was the battery. I borrowed a waitress’s car, went to the Wal-Mart and got myself a new battery. It sounded funny but cranked right up. I made it to the bank and when I came out it wouldn’t start again. It smells funny, like a burning belt smell. I don’t know but I am assuming my alternator has gone out.

I called for a tow ($50 damn dollars) to the shop that does all of my automotive work, and the wife came to pick me up and bring me home. I have one of the other district’s coming to pick me up for the cookout. Glenn, the guy that does all of my work said that he was pretty slammed so it may be a couple of days before he even looks at the car. I’m damn sure not going to drive the gas-guzzling van. I will just go in a bit late tomorrow, and I think that the girls are going to Panama City Thursday, so I will have the blue car for a couple of days.

My entire week has been like this. Nothing seriously major, but just entirely too stressful. Most of it is because I have one of my managers on vacation so several days I am trying to run two stores at once. It is expensive because instead of me cooking and running a store as I normally do when a manager is off, since I have to take care of two I am paying two cooks. I can’t let myself be productive on the floor in case there is a problem at one of the other ones.

Just wanted to put a quick post up. I’m going to shower and change into some shorts for this thing.