Sore as Hell…

Everything comes with a price I suppose. My back is playing tricks on me this morning and my arms and legs are like jelly but I am ready to get back out on the lake. Man, that was a blast.

Today won’t be quite as much fun. I still have one on vacation and another off and it’s the last day of the fiscal period so I have to spend the day closing numbers and then go put up the delivery truck at the store where she is on vacation. Being so sore that should work out some of the kinks. Somewhere around 150 cases of miscellaneous food and other stuff will come in around noon today.

The wife should get paid today so I think that she and the girls are going to rent a car and drive down to the redneck riviera tomorrow for a couple of days and hang out on the beach. I am jealous, but luckily we will head the other direction at some point next week and go to Hilton Head, Bluffton, and maybe Savannah.

Still have to maybe set something up in Atlanta next week as well. I suck at putting together social crap like that. If it doesn’t involve beer and a grill in my backyard I usually defer to other people to set this stuff up, but maybe I will call a couple of folks and see if they still want to get together. There are a couple of unanswered emails in my inbox about that very thing.