I want a memory upgrade…

One thing I may do that will help out the lagginess on my PC is to upgrade the RDRAM. Part of the problem is that I always have a bunch of windows open when I am working on something, such as the webcast yesterday, and I like to multi-task. I have about a gig of memory but I am considering tripling it. My sponsors at CheapestRDRAM.com have some pretty good deals on memory at their site.

I can get another GB of RDRAM from them for about $250. It’s two sticks of PC800-45. If you’ve never changed or added memory to a motherboard it’s actually pretty easy. Not quite plug and play but just about. The biggest pain for most people, depending on the computer they have is to be able to find where it goes. It’s fairly easy for me as I like to keep the inside of my case clutter free and tie off all of the cables and wiring so that air can flow through the case.

They also have a list of compatible computers and motherboards on the site so that you know if it’s the right memory for you. They also have directions (with pictures!) on how to install RDRAM.