This is just a test…

…but I swear ShadowBoy was with me.

When I was a young kid (I call it the bicycle age of my life), I ran with a wild bunch.  Sometimes at night, we’d sneak out for a mission.  We’d meet up in the “electric yard” at the predetermined time, and review our plans.  Then we’d head for someone’s back yard, which had both a swing set and a log pile.  Everyone had a log pile back then.

We’d move the swing set from the back yard to the middle of the road in front of the house, preferably in the apex of a curve.  Then we’d move and reconstruct the log pile between the supporting poles of the swing set.  We also barricaded the ditches on either side of the road with logs.  Then we’d cover the whole mess with freshly chopped branches.  We all had hatchets or machetes.

Now the road was impassable, they’d have to get out of their vehicle and move our creation to continue on.  This was part of the plan.

We’d lay low and wait for someone to slam on the brakes and stop.  Although many people slammed into it head on, there were no resulting injuries.  When they “exited the vehicle”, we’d pelt them with eggs and laugh like hell while running like wild horses and making our escape.

We called this “The Burma Blockade”

I remember many more “different” missions.

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