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So the other day I received and email that [name omitted] had requested me to add them to my friends at LinkedIn. I never get over to LinkedIn very often so I forgot I had a profile there. It was one of our recruiter’s from work. As a matter of fact it was our area people director. Hmmm. I went ahead and added them and headed over there quickly and deleted any URLs from my profile.

Why? Well, although I post under my real name and don’t really give a flying fuck who knows I don’t advertise it. There are a couple of people I have worked with that know about my site but those are folks I pretty much trust. Should it become common knowledge I would have to quit blogging about work and hell, that’s what I seem to bitch about the most.

I also use Facebook. That is the one that I mention in the post about myspace but couldn’t remember the name. It’s much better than myspace. It’s a site for semi-intelligent adults whereas MySpace seems to be the trailer park of the Internet. If you hang out at Facebook and haven’t added me yet, what the hell are you waiting on?

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  1. Yeah, he did comment on how comfortable it is. I already knew this because I generally keep mine pretty short, but he discovered a breeze on top of his head tonight.

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