A Penny For Your Thoughts


Americans are Americans plain and simple.  I’m sick and tired of hearing African
American, Asian American, Mexican American, Hispanic American, whatever, etc,
etc, bla bla bla.

I’m also sick and tired of hearing about Slavery and
Reparations. Slavery was, and is, wrong, but I did not participate. I DID NOT

Some Americans continue to rant and rave about slavery and
injustice.  Well here’s one for
you.  The Europeans, climbed aboard
boats, sailed into the sunset, and basically stole two continents from the

What do you think about that?

I think sometimes people confuse injustice with
progress.  I guess it’s all a matter of
perspective.  Remember, I said

And for the record: 
Some Americans tell other Americans to “go back to somewhere”. This is
incorrect because 99% of the Americans being told to “go back” have never been
to somewhere in the first place.  So,
how could they go back?

If you want to tell someone to go back to somewhere, first
ensure they’ve been there before, or just drop the back and you’ll be cool.

On an unrelated matter: 
Blogging for money, in my opinion, is just as fucked up.  It’s like paying someone to be your
friend…or, fucking for money, which means you, would be a whore.

Brings new meaning to “a penny for your thoughts”.

If someone said to me, “I’ll give you some money for your
opinion on this or that issue…I’ll bitchslap you ass quicker than you can get
out of the way”.  99% of the bloggers I
read can’t write worth a shit anyway…including me.  They couldn’t get published at gunpoint. Does that stop me from
stopping by?  NO.  I just think everyone needs to keep things
in perspective.  If you want to make
some cash for your opinions…write a fucking book.  Opinions should NOT be for sale. 
As soon as people start selling their opinions on the Internet, and
people start buying them, we are fucked.

Anyone who solicits money for their opinions can kiss my ass.

So, for any of you who think your opinions are worth money…I
say Fuck You.  I will not pay a dime.

I have many opinions on just about everything…but I’ll
express them freely, for free…thank you very much.

I think…well never mind what I think, but if you send me some money…I’ll tell you.

Hey Richard…buy you and your wife a couple of beers and shots on me, and we’ll get cleaned up the next time our paths cross.

I’ll be back later.

Cool Runnings!!!

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