Hilton Head

Haven’t made it to the island yet although I think we are going this morning. I’m ready to get my pale legs out on the beach. I should be able to scare us up some room with my white whale belly.

We arrived in Bluffton about 5:30 yesterday afternoon and hooked up with our friend Niqui and her family and dragged them all to some buffett place for dinner. I am usually pretty leery about eating at places like that but this was damn good. I had mostly seafood and stuffed myself. I even had the chance to try some of that low country boil that Catfish always talks about. Pretty good. It’s like gumbo without the spiciness. There was spice, it’s just not quite as hot as I was expecting.

Going out to dinner with her and the clan is always interesting. It was the wife and I and our two girls as well as Niqui and her five children that still live at home. Anytime you walk in someplace with seven children people scatter. Don’t know what it is.

As I said, we are heading to the island within the hour and will spend the day there. We may go by the Art Cafe for awhile as well if it gets too hot at the beach. The Art Cafe is one of those places where everyone goes and paints pottery and then it gets fired. That’s Niqui’s place.
I got to sleep until about 7:30 this morning, which is pretty late for me. It was nice to get a full eight hours of sleep all in one shot. Not used to that.

At some point in the day I will give the VMan a call, as I think we are going to get together for dinner and maybe a few drinks. Niqui suggested a place where her daughter works but it sounds pretty nice and I don’t know how well they will take to us sitting there for several hours.

I just figured I would post an update to how we are doing. I will hopefully have pictures and stuff to post later.