How to Use Odiogo With Movabletype

I set up an account with Odiogo quite some time ago, but even though they transpose all of my entries into audio I have never been able to find a way to integrate that into the site. It took me a little while this afternoon but I finally figured out to to do it.

  1. Set up an account with Odiogo
  2. Edit your MT template to include the following line <a href=”<$MTEntryBasename separator=”_”$>.mp3″>Listen to Audio Version</a>
  3. Replace Shadowscope with whatever blogname you have set up with the service. You can figure out the URL by going to your podcast page at and just look at some of the file names on the page if you already have a couple of posts.

That’s about it I think. Very simple, but it was hard to figure out at first. Odiogo seems to be kind of dragging today so nothing is playing very well. It may be because it is dragging at my bandwidth. There are a couple of plugins for wordpress and some javascript for blogger at that I am going to look at on Monday. I may be able to figure out something that’s not quite so kludgey to play them. The wordpress plugin uses flash and is pretty cool as is the one for the Blogger platform.

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