Maybe Later, Honey…

I am getting ready to hit the sack. There are some folks getting together for breakfast tomorrow morning and I want to be there so I am going in to work around 3AM. For me that means getting up around midnight. Time for a couple of benadryl and a beer. That shit ought to knock me out for the next eight hours. I will probably have a bit of time to post “in the morning” when I get back up.

If you think you did hit the big 200k, let me know, otherwise I will just have some kind of contest for the shirt.

4 throughts on "Maybe Later, Honey…"

  1. hehe, i do the same.
    beer is the solution, and plenty of it.

    I was required to leave early sometime back and i am late riser from bed. In these situations, i booze heavy!!

  2. Heh…wasn’t me, but I was 200,007..but I don’t blog so couldn’t have gotten a screen capture anyway.
    Congrats, Richard!

  3. Well, hell I think you were probably closest. From what it looked like some Google searches were probably the actual number but they don’t count.

    If you want it, send me an email at rmiles AT charter DOT net with a mailing address.

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