Recruiting New Managers

One of my specific job duties is the recruiting of new managers as well as hourly associates. Sometimes it can be difficult for me to go out recruiting because at the end of the day being in the restaurant I am tired and want nothing more than to go home and relax but recruitment is a very important part of my job. My company continues to grow every year as it has for the last 57 and shows no signs of stopping. Profits are great and we are ramping up on expanding again over the next two years at a little over a 7% growth rate. Sure, that’s nowhere in the league of McDonalds or some of the bigger chains, but we surpassed all of our direct competition long ago and now we are starting to compete with the fast food chains and in order to do so we have to continue to have a great people supply chain.

My company obviously is not the only one in the world looking for new recruits. Most companies are because in the service industry either you are growing or you are stagnating and losing potential money and customers. Fish.Co.Uk is a pretty popular site with plenty of international job opportunities that you may be interested in if you are looking for work. You can set up a profile in minutes and upload your CV (resume) as well for potential employers to look at.

They have more than just job listings though. Fish.Co.Uk also provides links to Psychometric tests, recruiter profiles, tips on how to improve your CV, training and education, and even links to purchase your own business and finally go to work for yourself just as you have always dreamed. If you are in the market for a new job go check out Fish.Co.Uk