Gadget Junkie

I’m a gadget freak. I blog about it every once in awhile and even started blogging on a tech site because I love them so much. They don’t even have to be useful things, although as I get older I tend to ignore most of the bling and other useless junk and want stuff that I will use every day. My current wish list includes a new cell phone, one of those really nice radar detectors, a new media center PC, and maybe some Bluetooth stereo headphones. I hate earplugs and those little bitty earphones that come with mp3 players, but I like a nice set of headphones that actually sit on my head. I would only end up using them here at my computer, but at least it would quiet things down for everyone in the living room 🙂

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  1. Hey there i also am interested in gadgets and technology and have prepared a blog for that if you have time could you give your opinion about my blog so that if there is some thing wrong i can correct it

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