Tramp Stamp Tuesday

It’s only about 40 minutes until Tuesday and I am getting ready to hit the proverbial sack. No dammit!, the bed.

This one is pretty cool. A nice change form butterflies and tribal tattoos. I think the worse one I ever heard of was when an acquaintance told me about a girl she knew. This girl had her name tattooed on her back. I guess that way guys would know who she was as they were hitting it or something.


Thanks to Fast Boy over at Flickr for this one. More of Fast Boys photos can be found there as well. Obviously I am out of stuff of my own, now I am going to have to start hunting again, or you can email me your tramp stamp photos (if you dare) and I will feature them here.

3 throughts on "Tramp Stamp Tuesday"

  1. A girl I used to hang out with has her name tattooed above her big butterfly/tribal tattoo on her back – I asked her if that’s so they’ll remember who they’re givin’ it to…

    She didn’t think it was as funny as I did…

  2. Exactly my question though. That’s what I always thought the lower back art for for anyway, something for me to look at when I got bored.

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