Could Be Worse I Suppose

Yesterday sucked much more than I thought it would. 90% of it was my attitude I am sure but it ended up being just one of those fucking days. My cook never showed up and it was pretty busy so I was pretty much chained to one store yesterday. It did have the side benefit of making sure that I saved a bit of money yesterday which is a good thing, but I damn sure wasn’t happy about it. I ended up not getting out of there until Five O’ Clock or somewhere around there.

I was staffed the rest of the day but I spent several hours trying to find help for my other two stores as they were both hung on the evening shift. One of them got covered and was able to go home, but the other manager ended up having to work a double. Considering how much out of line he is with expenditures he needed to work a double anyway.

Now that I am starting to wake up I can’t really remember any of the reasons as to why I had such a bad day. Sometimes life is just funny like that I suppose. It sure did seem like everything was crappy yesterday, but now none of it seems particularly important.

As I said in the last post I am in the process of upgrading to Movabletype 4 Beta 7. If this thing gets posted prior to 6AM then I suppose the upgrade went fine. I was looking through the change log and it looks like they got one of my problems fixed.

54585: Pages can not be published dynamically
FIXED: Page could not be correctly published dynamically (some conditional tags may worked wrongly). The bug has been fixed.

That’s a good deal and it’s one of the issues that I was having. Hopefully some of the other little nagging bugs have been fixed as well.

I am pretty much all over the place this morning, but don’t really have anything of import to post, just rambling. Some days I am just not in the mood to post and it seems as though I have to force myself to sit down and write. Today is one of those. Of course I may end up posting even more tonight when all is said and done.

Last night I posted about the hits that I am getting for people looking for Deathly Hallows Spoilers. Apparently I am currently #12 for the google search “Deathly Hallows Spoilers“. Not that it matters a whole heck of a lot but the extra traffic is nice because some of those folks hang around to see what the site is about and then come back again. The rest of them go to Harvey’s Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Spoiler page or they click on one of the Google ads

Received an email yesterday that I just now read. It’s from Odiogo and apparently somebody saw my post about integrating Odiogo into Movabletype and have some code up for it now. I’ve looked through it and don’t know how well it will work with MT 4 but I will try and implement it this afternoon if I get home at a decent time.

Hopefully this upgrade will finish uploading in the next few minutes. I have been typing this as my FTP client uploads because I have to CHMOD a few files as soon as it finishes, before I can start getting ready for work, otherwise the site will be broken until I get home. Can’t have that can we 🙂

I use an offline editor to write up most of my blog entries, thus the fact that I can write this while it’s running. I have tried the online one, and it’s great for adding stuff like google ads or other bits of code that would get changed around a bit inside my editor, but for the most part I dislike the online editor in MT or with Blogger for that matter. I much prefer a text editor that will connect and upload when I am ready for it. It makes it much easier for me to write several posts and then publish them when I want. I don’t guess it makes much difference either way but this is what I am most comfortable with.

It’s all done now and so far everything seems to be working OK. Have to get ready for work…

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